A Bit About Me…

What do you get when you cross a suburban guy and a new found interest in blogging and travelling….workwanderlust.co.uk – the latest venture by me, Chris.

That’s me!

With a new life in South West London, a new job in Digital PR and a new appreciation for life, travel and writing, this is where I tell hope to entertain you with my goings on and reviews.

A bit of back story…

Raised in the leafy, and pretty dull, suburbs of Hertfordshire, I have often spent my days planning how to escape the hum drum and do something more exciting my life.

Even in the darkest moments of my life, the ambition to be and become more than my suburban self has driven me on.

After a torrid 2015, where my first ‘proper’ relationship ended, I dealt with a 6-month lay off from working, due to a ridiculous injury, and the subsequent cliff drop in my mood & mental health, I chose to explore my interest in travelling.

Booking a flight to, and around, New Zealand, at three weeks notice, I found something new about myself, even on such a short trip.