My days in football…

It’s an odd thing to think back on my time working within a Premier League football club, in a nationally respected academy and alongside hall of famers.

What started as a move away from a sales role, to start a career in coaching, turned into a career analysing performances of players and teams.

In late 2013 I had taken a job in hospitality sales and, by early 2014, had quit to take up a role within Watford FC – a bit of change.

Starting out as a Voluntary Analyst, working off my own back and coaching in local schools with the Watford FC Community Trust, I was able to build up a number skills and utilise my passion (obsession) in football.

Primarily working with the Under 12 and younger squads, I got to be part of a something exciting – even if the winter months were a bit of a struggle.

My time in the voluntary role wasn’t always perfect and, after a stupid accident at a WFCCT training day, I was unable to work or coach for 6 months.

Not only did the injury have an effect on my work, it also had a massive effect on my relationship and mental health, which, in the end, saw my last relationship collapse around me and a bout of depression taking me over.

Some what suprisingly, whilst unable to work and my drop in mood, I was able to secure a paid position within the club. I was now a professional Football Analyst.

After a long and tiring pre-season, where I covered the Head of Analysis, I was given the chance to work with the Under 21 & Under 18 squads.


On the Right…next to Harry Kewell


With the Head Academy Analyst away, I was given the chance to be part of the Under 18’s team that opened the season away at Hull City, in a 4-0 win.

As winter drew in, and my relationship fell apart, my passion and love for the sport began to fade.

By October I had enough and needed to get away. Booking a 3 week trip to New Zealand was my way out. A break from the sport and club that I had begun to grow bored of for what I had lost as a result of working there.

Upon my return, it was the winter break. Meaning that, after departing in early November, I wasn’t working until late February (apart from one wet and windy joke of a game in December).

Watford FC Season 2015-16 Premier Lge Pic Alan Cozzi Season 29/11/15 Watford Academy Staff Photocall

The time between February and the day I left the club were a bit of a blur. Working each and every weekend killed my social life, adding further to drop in mood and love for the game.

With the season drawing to close I knew I had to leave, or go full time. But, when I made my point to the club that I couldn’t stay in the role I was in, they refused and I activated my plans to leave.

During my month long notice period, I lost all motivation. And counted down the days before I could start afresh in a new industry and town…if only I knew then what I know now.

Despite all of this, and with a year of experiences under my belt I am now looking forward to getting back into the sport, either by playing or through my analysis skills.

Watch this space….

*(This is an unsponsored post, I am neither affiliated nor paid by the companies mentioned above)


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