Beer, Burgers & Bleach

It’s been a week since my move to the SW20 postcode. A new house, with new people to start a new life and profession.

After 2 years of treading water, with plenty of moments where I was drowning in my depression & anxiety, I feel like I have finally been able to see a light. (Yay!!)

Having previously worked in a number of industries, roles and locations; being based in an office, overlooking the Thames, and sat at a computer & desk all day has been a bit alien to me – god knows how many times I have spun around in my chair…

Despite the massive change, it has been a great week. And getting two (of the dullest) press releases featured on a couple of well read news sites was certainly a good way to finish my week.


With work going well and the new house feeling like home, I have have been able to feel like celebrating turning a quarter of century old (typing 25 is a terrifying thing!).

As has become a tradition for my birthday, I hosted a BBQ at my new house. A chance for my friends to see my new abode and socialise without spending hundreds on drinks and food in town.

Being the good host I am, I made use of the local Tesco Extra and the even better deal they have for Adnams Ghost Kegs – a personal favourite IPA for the summer and the keg is one hell of a cool way to deliver it…I’m such a showman sometimes…

Being a last minute affair I knew attendance would be patchy but, despite the numbers, I have to be very grateful for those that came. We drank, laughed and even made our way to the Four Thieves in Clapham for a few more drinks and fun on the arcades.


With a new week in the horizon and entering the downward spiral to the big 3 0, I am looking forward to what is come…for the first time in so so long.

*(This is an unsponsored post, I am neither affiliated nor paid by the companies mentioned above)


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